Let Me Dream For you

Last night my husband and I were at casting crown concert. As Mark sang this song let me dream I felt God speaking to me so clearly. Let me dream for you my child. Here’s our conversation

Me: Appa(father) , may your dream for my life come true. Abba: I would dream for you if you let me to. Me: I always let you . I ask for your will to be done. Abba: yes you do. But you also hold on to your dreams close that, every time I touch your dreams you come running to me asking me to restore it to what it was. You are not ready to let go of your dreams and trust in mine.

I felt sad cause all this while I convinced my self I was in perfect will of God but sadly I was holding on to my own dreams. I remembered a blog I read earlier this week by my cousin Let Go where she speaks about her experience to let go of her worries into Gods hands. I felt God was asking me to trust him and let His dream for my future be executed! I write this post surrendering everything I hold on to in His hands and being excited about embracing what He is about to change in my Life. This might take a day or years to come but I’m excited!! If you are in a similar position like me I would encourage you to listen to the words in this song. It is so meaningful! I lift my head up to see the wonders of your hands! How marvelous are your creations!! Oh creator of Heaven & Earth!!!

IMG_0001.JPG -photo credits: John Issac


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